About Me

Rainer Mirau – architecture and event photography in Vienna

On this site I want to introduce my services as a photographer in the area of architecture, event, tourism, corporate, portrait and industry. The reason why I’m running a successful photography business for ten years by now is probably due to the fact that I have to live out my creativity every single day and photography is the ideal combination of creativity, technology and interaction with people. It’s simple as that: I love my work, photography is my passion.

Routine is the enemy of creativity, this is why I avoid consciously a too high specialization. Different kinds of assignments keep the motivation high and it’s just more fun to penetrate repeatedly into different areas of photography. I would describe my imagery as modern, clear and positive.

Even though my eyes are the most important tools to achieve a good photograph, my ambition is to work with the best technical equipment. In addition to a professional 35mm DSLR I work preferably with a digital medium format system. A technical camera is the perfect solution for architectural photography, equipped with a 100 megapixel digital back this modular system delivers outstanding results.

Rainer MirauCommercial, PhotostudioPhase One IQ3 100MP - Digital Medium Format Back with 100 MegapixelRainer MirauDigital Medium FormatArchitecture photographer Austria